Based out of Toronto, Ontario. Something About KAZ started with the goal to create theatre for concert goers, and concerts for theatre goers. Using the work of both trained actors and dancers, as well as independent musicians in Toronto, Something About KAZ makes weird projects that are welcome to all. 
Kailea Banka and Laura Katherine Hayes started the company while they were students at the Ryerson Theatre School. Tired and jaded by hearing only old rich people go see theatre now, Laura and Kailea started to create work featuring the work of indie musicians, in order to bring in a whole other audience to theatre. This test started when Kailea wrote the play "Jessica, Wake Up" which was a tribute to indie singer Regina Spektor, and Laura wrote the play "Bound to the Rocks", a tribute to the indie band Sylvan Esso. Since then, Bound to the Rocks has toured to the inaugural Dark Crop Festival in Bellville Ontario, in which it received the "WIDE EYE AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD". Then it toured to Baltimore Maryland at the Charm City Festival. There, Bound to the Rocks won the "BEST PRODUCTION WHICH EMBODIES THE FESTIVAL SPIRIT". 

More projects coming up this year. 

Photographer: Samantha Polzin