Meet Woman and Man...

Woman and Man are stuck. Woman and Man bring out the bad in each other. They both also like the singer Feist and that last sentence was a Feist reference. Man doesn't know why he does this. Woman doesn't understand why a smart woman like her can't leave. They try to listen to their parents and society and Oprah and stuff. Each time they try to leave, their history claws them back to where they started.

TRIGGER WARNING: Physical and emotional abuse, course and offensive language.


Written by Laura Katherine Hayes

Original Direction by Madeleine Smith

Assistant Directed by Celeste Tikal

Stage Managed by Linda Adams Hauser

Music by Sylvan Esso


Current Cast:

Laura Katherine Hayes

Hayden Finkelshtain

Sydney Herauf

Marc-Andre Blanchard


Produced by Something About KAZ

Artwork for Bound to the Rocks premiere by Allister MacDonald


Production History: 

New Voices Festival - April 2016

Dark Crop Festival - August 2017 - Winner of Wide Eye Audience Choice Award

Charm City Festival - November 2017 - Winner of "Best embodiment of the festival"








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