#1 - LORDE - MELODRAMA - "Writer in the Dark"

#2 - FEIST - Pleasure - "pleasure"

#3 - Alvvays - antisocialites - "Forget about life"

#4 - The national - Sleep Well Beast - "I'll Still Destroy You"

#5 - Kendrick Lamar - Damn. - "LUST."

#6 - Maggie Rogers - Now that the light is fading - "Dog Years"

#7 - GORD DOWNIE - Introduce Yerself - Introduce Yerself

I asked Something About KAZ/Bound to the Rocks people what their favourite record was of 2017. 

I asked them to go into a room with a professional dancer, and talk to them about this record. 

I asked them to talk while a dancer listened.

I asked them to watch as the dancer put on the record, and danced. 

Just for them. 

Only for them. 

Actually, we filmed it.

So it's for you now too. 

I think when someone dances for only you, it's strange. It's awkward. It can be a gift. 

You'll see these videos on Monday.

William Innes at Innes Creative filmed and edited this. 

He's a gem. 

Hire him.


I hope you like. 

People should dance more than they do.

                                                            -xo Laura