Here are all of Something About KAZ's favourite records of 2017. Here's a blurb on why they love the record, plus a spotify link. enjoy!

Laura's top Record:

Pleasure by feist

"I've had a year with the theme of Feist. First, meeting her when I was a background dancer for her video. We talked about Paul Simon and we sang together . Then, seeing her at the Eaux Claires festival in one of the craziest and scariest days of my life, then at Massey Hall. Thanks for everything. Thanks for Pleasure."

celeste's top Record:

Melodrama by lorde

"I really love pop music. She comes at it at a whole other angle. The way she uses her voice in an instrumental way...I can't dance to it the way it deserves, so someone else needs to. "

Marc's top Record:

Now that the light is fading by maggie rogers

"I like the little world she creates in songs"

Chris's top Record:

sleep well beast by the national

"I first heard them in high school and said 'this is the only band I will like now!' They always sound like adults. The guy's got a tie and a deep voice. I heard them and they sounded sophisticated. It's been more than a decade. I never grew out of them."


elena's top Record:

damn. by kendrick lamar.

"DAMN to me, I think is about progress, even if it doesn't seem to be moving forward. I think that's what my brain was doing at this time too."

Sydney's top Record:

antisocialites by alvvays

"When I hear the song Forget About Life,

I think of zombies making out in a graveyard."

hayden's top Record:

introduce yerself by gord downie

"The day he died, Laura, Celeste and I drove to Stratford. The radio just played Downie and the Hip all day. Before picking them up I heard the radio pay tribute, and I pulled over and cried for 7 minutes. 

I always knew how much I liked their music. I didn't realize how much they affected me."